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Challenging Traditional Order

| Friday, August 1st, 2014

As the Virginia colony began to loosen its ties to Great Britain, a disparate culture formed. Virginia was no longer merely a clone of Britain but a revolutionary place of its own: a place where new ideas took root and old ones were questioned. While early eighteenth-century Virginia had adopted many aspects of British society, […]

Portrait of Gentility: The Intentional “Shaping” of Byrd and Carter

| Sunday, July 27th, 2014

As the seventeenth century came to a close, the Virginia colony underwent a remarkable transformation from a rather uncivilized land dominated by Native American tribes and starving, disease-ridden English settlers to a stratified society emulative of the colonists’ homeland. A robust and powerful upper class built massive homes on expansive estates, enslaving hundreds if not […]

Relentless: Jamestown’s Unforgiving Environment

| Saturday, July 19th, 2014

In 1607,representatives of a joint-stock company known as the Virginia Company landed on a heavily forested peninsula jutting out into a brackish, swampy estuary. Here they would build a settlement named Jamestown, a reference to King James I.  The settlers, composed primarily of idle gentlemen and skilled commoners, faced innumerable hardships and spectacular challenges that […]