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Trifling with Rifles

| Friday, August 1st, 2014

Symbolizing American ingenuity and adaptability, the rifle epitomized the spirit of the American frontiersman. How the colonists changed to suit the conditions of the North American continent manifests itself in the American rifle. Why did this weapon, which made the colonists Americans, fail the rebels in their fight to maintain that identity? The inaccurate musket […]

Religion: A double-edged Sword

| Saturday, July 26th, 2014

Slave masters generally concurred that converting heathens and preaching servitude to slaves would subdue any rebellious tendencies, but why if conversion seemed so agreeable did slave owners fail to Christianize their slaves? Why did some churches have galleries for slaves while others like Christ Church did not? The variability of slaves’ church attendance contradicts the […]

Lost in Translation

| Sunday, July 20th, 2014

We all know quite well the almost mythical legend of John Smith’s rescue by Pocahontas, but the question is do we believe the infamous braggadocio? At first, I admit, I had my doubts, but now I’m a believer. The Five Nation Iroquois, rather than Captain John Smith, compelled me to realize the ignorant truth of […]